Groups & Family Reunions


Group Travel encompasses many aspects and can be as varied and diverse as you can dream. Group tours are not like they use to be and many are great values in travel today. You might be amazed at the number of group tours available in the United States and Internationally. The sky is truly the limit.

As we have become a society of social media, tweets and blogs, it’s important to remember that personal contact and uninterrupted time are invaluable to our friends and family. It is meaningful when we can disconnect from the world around us and reconnect with our loved ones. Group travel is a great way to do this and what a way to share in memories with each other. 

Typically a group is created when there are 10 or more travelers or 8 or more rooms. Many times putting a group together provides discounts and amenities to the group that booking separately may not provide.  It is our pleasure to put a group together for you. Where would you like to go and who do you want to go with?  The reason for travel is yours, leave the planning and organizing to us! 

Integrity Travel Planners - Groups & Family Reunions

Family reunions and multigenerational travel is an exploding market in today’s travel industry. As technology has increased and people can now literally work from anywhere in the world and live where they choose, families are being spread to the far corners of the world. Many times the idea of putting together a family reunion is daunting and there are so many aspects to consider. But we enjoy this “challenge” and would love to visit with you regarding the various options available to you.