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How We Work for You

In today’s world of discount online booking sites and instant search results, it can be easy to book travel on your own.  And millions of people do.  But for those that want service and attention to detail, a travel specialist is the best way to go.  Most travel specialists work differently, so this page will tell you why you should be working directly with Integrity Travel Planners, LLC and what we have to offer you. 


1)  Service: From the first contact and beyond your travel dates.  When you book with Integrity Travel Planners, LLC you aren’t just a number, you are our client!  We want you to have great service from the first phone call, through your travels and we’re still here for you after you return home.  We want to make sure your travel goes as planned and that you are satisfied with our services.  The greatest complement we can receive is the referral of your family and friends.

Integrity Travel Planner - Travel Map

2) Time Saving:  Searching Google for the best deal to Mexico is almost as time consuming as searching for the needle in a haystack.  The average person spends over 18 hours searching Google for vacation destinations.  Who has that much time to waste?  This is where Integrity Travel Planners, LLC comes in, let us help!  Do you want white sandy beaches, snorkeling, nightlife, and active resort; or, do you want a quiet, luxury vacation with romance and serenity?  Choosing the right resort can make or break your vacation.  Let us narrow down the resorts to the ones that have your must-have’s and help make that dream vacation a reality. 


3) Get Matched Correctly:  When you contact a resort, hotel or cruise line directly, you will get the upsell within their specific company.  But what if you’re contacting the wrong supplier for your type of vacation.  The best of rooms in the worst of locations is not the way you want to spend your vacation.  So calling direct is not always your best option.  This is where we come in.  Let us know what your best vacation looks like and let us help you find the resort, hotel or cruise line that fits your desires, not theirs. 


4) Your best interest:  We have your best interest at heart, not the supplier.  Selling you a vacation that we enjoy is not what you’re looking for.  And be careful of your friend’s recommendations, their experience, expectation and evaluation may not be the same as yours.  One of the questions we ask most often is this:  close your eyes and put yourself in your happy place for vacation.  What are you seeing, smelling, sitting on and what’s in your hand?  The answers to these will let us know where you like to vacation.  For some, it’s the hustle and bustle of downtown NYC and seeing the Broadway shows that inspires them.  For others it’s the cool breeze of ocean spray while relaxing on an open balcony on a cruise ship with a good book.  Neither answer is wrong, but if you are looking for a NYC vacation and end up with a trip to Alaska, you’re not going to be happy.   


5) Our Certifications Mean Something:  We spend hours in training and educational seminars to learn of the different locations and places to stay around the world.  While we haven’t been to all of them, the insight we have from these trainings are highly beneficial.   Currently we are certified with:  Disney College of Knowledge (Disney Parks, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney and Aulani); Globus; Monograms; and Cosmos.  And for our cruise clients, we have our Masters of WOW from Royal Caribbean University, Specialization in Disney Cruise Line; Viking; AmaWaterways; Avalon and Oceania.  We work closely with our suppliers to learn the latest improvements and changes so we can keep our clients informed. 

Oceana Cruses Certified Specialist
Certified Globus Tour Expert
Royal Carribbean University - Master of Adventure
AMA Wateways Specialist
Travel Agent University
Certifid Accessible Travel Advocate


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