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How Travel Specialists Get Paid

We get this question quite frequently, how do we make a living being a travel specialist?  All suppliers (theme parks, cruise lines, resorts, etc.) have a commission added to their package deals.  When you call them direct, or book directly from their website, they keep that commission as an extra payment to them.  When you use a Travel Specialist, they will send that commission after you traveled, to the Specialist.  So you are already paying for a Travel Specialist but you aren’t receiving our services.

While some agents may book you with a certain resort because of a free beach towel or extra agent incentive, we have the philosophy of booking you in the resort that best fits your needs.  If you aren’t satisfied with our services, it doesn’t matter how many free beach towels you have, you may not come back as a repeat client.  And we want to make your vacation planning seamless and easy and your vacation exactly what you dreamed it to be.  And the greatest compliment we can receive is for our current clients to refer us to their friends and family. That shows us they were truly appreciative of our time and service, and brings us great joy. 

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